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Industrialcraft 2 generator tutorial and demonstration


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this map shows a demonstration of how to use 4 different generators ( wind, solar, water and nuclear)

and shows you a bit on how they work.


the information is given in computer "code" form, much easier to read than a wall of signs.

just type "edit info" to access the "code"


i built a simple nuclear reactor as well, to show how easy it is to get huge amounts of power.

i built this in tekkit (ssp) 2.1 dev mode. but it works on technic ssp 6.0.7 (just ignore the wierd blocks that replaced the HV solar arrays powering the teleporters, the MFSU's are all full anyway, you don't need them)

please note that this is purely for instructional purposes, don't expect art.

Play in peaceful mode during the day for best results.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?lnv7b8u74nwu37p

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I spawned near what i guess was the reactor, the little entity thing started flowing down the water..

After i teleported i got blown up my a creeper and nearly killed by a skeleton, not something you would expect.

Overall, i dont like this....

For example, the water could be much better by doing some of it with red power.

And really, its very simple.. you even contradict yourself by using glass fiber cable, but then say gold would be better..(the solar one)

And for wind, wouldnt it make more sense to use tin? or even tin for all of them?

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The spawing thing shouldn't have happened, i'll fix that. sorry, it worked when i tried it

The creeper thing happened because i built it in peacefull, i'll fix that as well.

i wasn't trying to show you how to make the very best generators possible, i was just giving an example of how they might be used. i used the fibre cable simply for aesthetic appeal, and tin electrocutes nearby people and has a limit of 3 eu/t.

But i admit that this was hardly a well planned map, and i'll try to fix the problems you raised.

***The problems with spawning and mobs have been fixed. the wiring was simply personal preference.

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