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Megaton Rainfall


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Yeah, until Dan (Nerd³) played this, I'd never heard of it either.
Hell, even Dan himself said this came out of nowhere.

But it's... it's what happens when you put a superhero game inside No Man's Sky, and make it better (? Subjective).

It's pretty crazy.

To illustrate what I mean, the following link has me looking at an alien star, while I'm standing infront of a crater I made by blasting the soil.
The following link has me looking at the next mission (the blue spark), which is in the Sol system. Which is an entire galaxy away.
Yes. I'm on an alien planet in a different galaxy.


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I'd like to see the full picture first. The negative reviews help with that.

Seems the story missions are locked on Earth only

No actual generated life outside of Earth? I'm not expecting to find easter eggs in Mars, but if I travel to an alien planet outside of our solar system I sure would like to find something.

some glitches and crashes are apparent. You can't expect an indie game in this scale to be perfect

No updates from the devs for a while?

These are holding me back. I love the idea of free-roam, flying around Earth and visit every city with their famous landmarks/buildings that identify them. Big Ben in London and Taj Mahal in India. I'd like to see some more content before buying this

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