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The new techno-magical modpack.

With the most well known magic mods and some great underdogs, this modpack discovers the scientific side of magic.

The mods are connected through integration and crafttweaker, and you get a questbook to guide you.

But dont think its easy! bloodmoon, hardcore recipes and murderous hunger will make your life hard..


  • AbyssalCraft,
  • AE2,
  • ArsMagica2,
  • astralsorcery,
  • Baubles,
  • baublesstuff,
  • BetterFPS,
  • BetterQuesting,
  • BiblioCraft,
  • BloodMagic,
  • Bloodmoon,
  • Botania,
  • BQ_TolkienTheme,
  • ChestTransporter,
  • CookingForBlockheads,
  • CraftTweaker,
  • CustomStartingGear,
  • Draconic-evolution,
  • EnchantingPlus,
  • EnderIO,
  • ExtraCells,
  • extrautils2,
  • FastLeaveDecay,
  • forestry,
  • gravestone,
  • GrimoireOfGaia,
  • ImmersiveCables,
  • immersiveEngineering,
  • inventoryTweaks,
  • IronBackpacks,
  • ironchest,
  • jei,
  • jeibees,
  • journeymap,
  • JustenoughResurces,
  • LootTweaker,
  • MagicBees,
  • masisisdoors,
  • MineTweakerRecipeMaker,
  • moartinkers,
  • ModTweaker2,
  • Morpheus,
  • mysticalagradditions,
  • mysticalaggriculture,
  • natura,
  • NaturalPledge,
  • Pam's Harvestcraft,
  • ProjectE,
  • Psi,
  • questbook,
  • refinedstorage,
  • RougelikeDungeons,
  • roots,
  • SpiceOfLife,
  • StandartExpansion,
  • stg,
  • StorageDrawers,
  • StorageDrawersExtra,
  • TConstruct,
  • Thaumcraft,
  • ThaumicJEI,
  • tinkersdefense,
  • UniDict,
  • UnifiedItems,
  • Waila,
  • Wawla,
  • Waystones.

all credit to the respective owners.


Ask anything! (related) on Discord

Please Read:

I need some help with managing the modpack, please consider helping me with Art, Suggestions or other.


Preferably at Ubus99 - Technic Platform,

alternatively at Dropbox

Edited by Ubus99

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    • By awesomeman100
      I am using the portable version of the technic launcher on mac (on an sd card) and this morning I was playing lapito's galacticraft, closed it, then I reopened the technic launcher a few hours later, and it only showed the official technic modpacks, but even they weren't downloaded, I check the technique folder, all the modpacks are still there, and the saves too. I don't know what to do.
      help apreciated
    • By The1Tiger
      Hey there everyone. To start, my name is The1Tiger. If you're reading this, you either have an idea of what this modpack is about or you're just bored and got nothing better to do. Either way, welcome.
      For some, you may be wondering what Kagic is - well it's a mod that is inspired and built around the popular series on Cartoon Network called Steven Universe. In this mod, you are able to create Gems that you command, having them farm for you, fight for you and even help you manage new gems that you make. This is the base mod of this modpack. However, this isn't the only mod to come with this modpack, there is:
      - Better Questing
      - Carpenter's Blocks
      - Twilight Forest
      - Journey Map
      And others
      I do still intend to add more mods of YOUR choice, as long as it semi suits the idea of the modpack itself, as well as many more quests. 
      If you wish play this modpack, here's the link:
      as well as there being a link to the Kagic mod's Official Discord.
      On that note - have fun playing and enjoy the rest of your day!
    • By Omeruin
      I wasn't going to have this modpack on Technic, but, I want to play with all the chosen mods on there just in case my friends want to join me at anytime.
      I've uploaded a different modpack before, personal like this one, and it worked out just fine. This one does have wayyy more mods so something different is definitely going on. Downloading the modpack is fine, it is hosted on Dropbox. However, when I try to 'play' the modpack, it loads a few things before Minecraft assets, then waits a bit, the Launcher disappears, and then the launcher reappears; meaning something crashed/is not loading right.
      Here is the crash log from Technic: { }
      Any help would be appreciated. I tried to skim through the log myself, but it is definitely confusing for me.
      Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, or that something isn't right, I'm typing as fast as I can before I go to work (I'll be able to respond within 8-9 hours from now).
    • By Expresen
      So I am new to mopacks and I have no idea what I'm actually doing but I followed some tutorials on how to do it and I managed to create a modpack that I could run and my mods are in the folder for my modpack. The problem is that whenever I play the mopack in the Technic launcher it only starts up the vanilla version of minecraft and my mods are nowhere to be seen. I did check the modpack options in the technic launcer to see if I could see the mods there, in the folder, and I could, they were all there....

      I don't know what the problem is and I would love some help.
      Here is the dropbox link I used to upload the modpack:
      Here is the modpack download link:

      If any more info is needed just ask and I'll provide it if I can.
      Thanks in advance! ❤️
    • By Dekasaurus
      Hey there, I am trying to put together a custom modpack for a group that has asked for one. Currently the mods list is 

      Bibliocraft, Chisel, CustomNPCS, Decocraft, MalisisCore, MalisisDoors, MorePlayerModels, MrCrayfishFurnitureMod, Pam's Harvestcraft, and WorldEdit.

      It has been installing just fine, but as soon as I try to launch it, it crashes.