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[1.7.10]Zyrule: Dwarven Exploration[PvP][40 slots]

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Pack download: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/zyrule

To connect to the server, simply click the “official server” button on your main menu.

Be sure, if possible, to join our Discord server: http://discord.gg/gqvy7PT


Server rules:

- Use common sense.

- No cheating, hacking, or otherwise unfair play.

- Try not to talk about other servers, especially any links, names, or IPs that might direct to them.

- Keep the chat room friendly - you may swear, but try not to swear at others or make fun of their differences like religion, race, or gender (I’d rather honestly not have you reveal most of this stuff anyhow since you would just be asking for internet a-holes to poke fun of it, not that they should).

- No bypassing punishments (popular methods are talking in Discord if muted ingame or completely bypassing the punishment with an alternate account).

- If you are raided, suck it up - it’s factions (don’t cry like a baby, some users find it annoying).

- Report any and all bugs to me, Catpan (Catpan#0683). If I am unavailable, contact Kiako_ (Kiako#2530).

- Try your best to keep your area lag-free.

- No discussion of NSFW (not safe for work) content.

- English only in the main chat - you may talk any other language in direct messages.

- Do not chargeback any donations you make to the server. This will result in a rankstrip and a permanent ban.

- Don’t ask for ranks.

- Don’t spam or overuse CAPSLOCK.

Now that the rules are out of the way, let’s get onto the server itself. Zyrule: Dwarven Exploration hands the player a different take of factions, heavily influenced by Dwarf Fortress. Your intended goal is to form a clan somewhere out in the wild and task each member of your group to a different area of study (mining, magic, etc). We have a couple of different plugins on the server, ranging from the basic ones to silly ones that turn your text green if you start a chat entry with “>” (akin to 4chan).  The in-game chat is even linked to a channel in our Discord server so that users without access to the game may still interact with users that do. Our server is open to the public, so there is no need to apply for any sort of whitelist or greylist. We do events on the server about once or twice a week, ranging from drop parties to fun competitive challenges.


Server spawn:



RTG terrain:



Our banned items list is mostly common sense, but we have taken precautions to ban most items that allow block-breaking in spawn. One of our most notable/complained about banned items is the Tinkers’ Construct rapier - we’ve simply banned it because we think that bypassing armor should require more than a simple weapon.


The server should be up most all of the time unless an error occurs due to something ingame; if that happens, we always have a console-accessible member of staff online to fix any sort of issue like that. If there is a planned downtime for maintenance or whichever, we will announce it in our aforementioned Discord server.


The staff application format can be found on our Discord server; it just asks basic questions like “IGN”, “age”, “timezone”, etc. If becoming a member of staff sounds like it would be your thing, DM me your application on Discord and I will ping all of our current members of staff with your application so we can vote on it properly (thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs).


Our most notable plugins: CoreProtect, Announcement, WorldEdit, OfflineTp, Essentials, GroupManager, ClearLag, WorldGuard, GlobalMarket, BanItem, AntiCombatLog, Green, MarriageMaster, RandomTP, Factions, OnTime, DiscordSRV, CheckMyInventory, FactionChat, SilkSpawners


Zyrule's modlist can be found on our permissions page: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/zyrule/permissions

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