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[3.1.2] Paradigne [24/7] [PvE/PvP] [30+] [Greylist] [TerrainControl, Mineral Veins] Unique Planets


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Multiple immersive, highly unique "planets" to travel to:

  • Unique terrain & biome configurations & objects (dense river-lined forests, underwater rivers, a world completely submerged in water, etc.)
  • Unique ore composition per planet.
  • Most planets feature mineral veins, rather than simple vanilla ore deposits, or a hybrid of the two.

Stable, time-tested server hosting and administration:

  • Paradigne was founded on November 12th, 2010, and has been running with 99.99% up-time stability ever since.
  • Paradigne hosts powerful anti-griefing plugins to protect player-made objects from harm.
  • Paradigne has hosted hundreds of plugins over the last few years, and the administration is well versed with advanced problem solving.

Excellent, close-knit mature community:

  • Paradigne's history is rich with creative, friendly and mature players.
  • Paradigne, despite having over 100 members in it's history, has always remained a small and tight-knit server.


Detailed Website


Detailed Information for those who care to read it:

Welcome to Minecraft; evolved. In the Paradigne universe the standard game of Minecraft has been enhanced to give all new and veteran players alike a unique, elegant, and fascinating experience. Instead of the default, singular, mineral-rich world, Paradigne is broken up into multiple worlds, or "planets", each one holding unique resources in unique patterns (most have ore veins rather than randomized clumps seen in vanilla MC.) These worlds have unique terrain and biome traits generated via powerful, well tested, and well thought out terrain generation algorithms.

Within this universe ancient jump gates are utilized to transport players to and from each world, all stemming from the capital world: Charon. On Charon (the spawn) you will have everything you need to begin on our server - in general Charon is the most like vanilla Tekkit of all the worlds. The ore is not in "veins", their are numerous diverse biomes, and in general every essential resource you need is found here. Put simply, starting on Charon makes for a good transition to our universe, and if you so wish you need never leave the planet to achieve a rich Minecraft experience.

To sum up Paradigne, my goal is to provide an experience for all players that is fun, fair, balanced, and easy to comprehend. I have been running this server non-stop since November 2010, and I have a vast experience with hundreds of plugins because of this. This knowledge has allowed me to create (with a LOT of planning and a LOT of work) this new amazing universe. Our server patrons favor mature players, but we are by no means above silliness and the pursuit of a good time. I intend to continue to maintain the mechanics to support our ever-expanding player base indefinitely (2 years running so far.) Be a part of this amazing server today, log in and check us out!


Creator and Administrator of Paradigne


To Visit:

Not convinced? Need to see it to believe it? Come visit our server at as our guest!

We would be happy to have you, and currently there are no restrictions for guests (although we do have powerful rollback tools available for those who intend to grief - it only takes a second to erase hours of damage)


To Apply:

Visit the following link to review our application and sign up as a full member of Paradigne:

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Edit: I got in, but the server is in a state of anarchy, there needs to be a protection plugin set up (Besides LWC, that only protects chests and machines and whatnot). If you log on you can sort it out better, also nobody seems to care about the rules or laws/laws of engagement.

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So I have no idea what LokiTheCat is talking about. First and foremost we have been running three different protection and rollback plugins since our launch, which is good because we have had to use all three of those tools in the last week. Furthermore, as our rules clearly state: if anyone violates the rules of engagement, you have a right to press charges. If you do not exercise this right, then the administration will likely not respond as over half the disputes that take place are between real life friends and/or family playing on our server (and in those situations they work things out amongst themselves without our intervention.)

On to new developments:

In the last week we have seen at least three people heavily exploit broken tekkit mechanics on our server to gain immense personal wealth. All three of these people have been banned after it was found that they were practicing these illegal methods (we also rolled back absolutely EVERYTHING that wasn't inhabited by another player and screened all inventories server-wide.) In response, all known patches to prevent duplications and exploits have now been applied and I am retroactively working on a custom patch to allow custom-blacklisted transmutation tablets (ore won't be able to come out of them, and neither will certain items be allowed to go in, such as blaze rods.) We also have a newly formed banned items list (we kept it as small as possible) as we have found it absolutely essential to ban certain items to preserve the grief-free fair and balanced gameplay Paradigne has known and loved for the past 26 months. You may view that list here: www.paradigne.com/banned.

In short, this is a server for mature players looking for a fun place to build who are NOT willing to exploit game mechanics, or hack to get ahead. I will retroactively ban everyone who violates this very simple requirement. I am serious about keeping our server a legitimate survival server. It is for this reason that I believe Paradigne is an AMAZING server to play on. Everyone's hard work will be valued here as I will not allow cheaters to prosper.

Come join us today and check us out! Do be aware we now have altered our "open" policy to a "greylist" policy, however. This means you will not be able to break or place blocks until you have signed up on our website. Signing up is easy, and it only takes a few minutes! Check out our registration page here: www.paradigne.com/register

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