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Hello everyone,

this is not really a bug, although it's bugging me for a very long time now. (If posting this is against the rules, I deeply apologize, it won't happen again. I'm new to this a didn't know where to post this.) 

So, basically, along time ago, about 2 and a half years, a friend of mine started a Hexxit project where he ordered a server for some time. We've been playing on it all day, surviving and making cool buildings. We kinda stopped after time though, because we got busy with school and other things. One day, he decided to just don't pay for it anymore, meaning that we couldn't visit it anymore.

As of recently, we were talking about the server and how stupid it was that no one created a backup of it (I think so at least). My question is, since you do rent them, if there is a way to get that server back up, to create a backup, because I suddenly realized how much it meant to me.



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