Modpack doesn't quit?

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2 hours ago, StarZ563 said:

Really all I can give you is the mods I don't exactly have a console clip of it quitting mods

I'm not even going to bother anymore. What should be in a modpack? Right, bin folder, config folder, mods folder. Maybe Flans folder for contentpacks or a resourcepacks folder for any that you decided to include. But no, instead I see a modpack that is so insanely, utterly cluttered by the most randoms of JUNK. Why the actual hell did you include .dll files? Why do I see a 700+ MB zip file inside your modpack zip named after one of the included .dll files? Why does it seem to just contain a copy of your modpack?

Why are there two version of d3dcompiler.dll included in your modpack? Why in the world did you include pdf.dll??




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