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Glass Cable waste


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OK here's the real math in terms of EMC!

Using Silver:

(6 Glass x 1 EMC) + (2 Silver x 512 EMC) + (1 Diamond x 8096 EMC) = 9126 EMC(Per 6 Cables) Or 1521 (Per Cable)

Using Redstone:

8102 EMC(6 Glass and 1 Diamond) + (2 Redstone x 64 EMC) = 8230 EMC(Per 4 Cables) Or 2058 (Per Cable) Rounded Up

Mathematically silver is the best choice, even if you do need to make a lot of Blue Alloy you will be saving 1 Silver per cable if you use Silver in the recipe. ALTHOUGH I do tend to get more Redstone per mining trip than Silver, so if your scrappin' for the shiny, you can always use the red!

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From someone who does not have EE installed, I look at it this way. Silver is insanely valuable to me. I need it to make blue alloy ingots which I use for wires, motors, pumps, batboxes, ect. As well as solar panels. I end up eating through stacks and stacks of it when I am working on a project. Redstone on the other hand is even more valuable. It is not only used for wires, but for many important mod items as well. What is valuable to me most, however; are diamonds. Since I cannot simply pull them out of a creative menu (or rather condense them out of thin air), I go with the silver recipe. It is just two more cables but every diamond counts.

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