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Anyone know how to take the 256 volts of electricity the advanced solar generator puts out and make it 120 volts? I tried to use a transformer, but I couldn't figure out how they work. Even if you link me to the original post the transformers are from would help a lot.

Thanks in advance

The transformer has two sides, one with a red input side, and one with a black output side. The higher 256v should go into the red side and come out of the black output side as lower voltage

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to make the transformer down-convert rather than up-convert shift click it with the wrench, it should give you a nice message telling you which way it is converting. also the input will always be red output will always be black, putting it the other way will make it not work.

the way the transformer works is that it either adds or subtracts 120v from the current so it can only convert between 120v and 240v

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... so it can only convert between 120v and 240v

This is incorrect.

And this is incomplete but still more accurate:



When you place a transformer block, the input will be the right side (red square). Keep this in mind when placing your block accordingly. If you place it backwards it will not allow electricity to flow through it.

I tested the transformer with the 512v output of a heat generator, and for each transformer it subtracted 120v and adjusted the amps accordingly (If you lower the voltage the amps increase and vise versa). I used the block volt meter after each transformer to measure the electricity flowing through it, and at each step it performed as expected from the documentation, subtracting 120v and a very small amount of total power due to the wire resistance (and as stated above increasing the amperage accordingly).

I cannot confirm if the transformer is compatible with even higher voltages (Although I expect it is, being the only way to convert between the wildly different voltages, that I know of at the moment). But due to the immense lack of documentation even for each individual mod, only time will tell.

Hopefully in the future the transformer will support more than just one setting of 120v increments (120v was a poor choice altogether given the inputs and outputs of all UE devices) because as it stands it is far from ideal (For example to get to the 120v maximum input of the battery box (from the 512v output of the heat generator), one must use 4 transformers stepping down which comes out to roughly 32v to the battery box - In reality you would only use one...).

Not to mention it is hard enough to make one transformer given that I cannot find the recipe for the Coil anywhere. The only information I did find was either outdated or simply incomplete.

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