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My Modpack Won;t launch anymore


Hi, If anybody can help, i was playing my custom modpack just fine until it crashed and when i tried playing it again it stopped launching. I mean the launcher loads the modpack but it won't even bother to turn off to start the forge screen. It just stops loading the modpack. I can press play as many times as i want but it does the exact same thing over and over again... And an hour ago (since i posted this thread) i was playing the pack just fine...

I wish i could upload the log file but it wont allow me the full file since it seems to be a whooping 16 megabytes...

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there should be also a crash report with a decently smaller filesize.

Try to open the launcher, go to the modpack that crashes and click to the small gear "Modpack Options", then a new window shows up where in the first line there should be an "OPEN" button. click on it.


Then a new window will appear with the files of your modpack. Look for the folder called "crash -eports", double click, and search for the latest one. upload it to us so we can further help.

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