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Mobile when? we have the time now so do it!


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So I was looking at socksforone's videos lately and thought " I want that Modpack " But the issue is I only currently have a kindle and an Xbox one and I have not at all succeeded with mods on the xbox but I got Crazy craft to MORE than work and the last person to bring up mobile asked that question 8 YEARS AGO so I thought " Hmmm? Why has NOBODY else I can find brought this up? " so I decided I would! I think it wouldn't be all too hard you just need to get the time to decrypt the mobile coding which (Due to current events) Most people have a lot of it! So how bou't it? Aren't you fellow mcpe'rs ready for your time to have that fun? I mean a lot of phones have higher grade tech than A LOT OF PC'S nowadays it's time for us budget gamers to have the fun pc players can who have there fancy shmancy pc's like I have heard so many people be made fun of BECAUSE they dont have money for a pc and use mobile devices I mean  for a guy who's not doing bad or sooper good I can't afford to blow $500-$1000 for just what mods? and the occasionally better editing program? It's honestly unfair in my eyes that they get all the fun and when we ask if it's our turn for fun they walk away and go talk to the other pc players they see us as kids most of them and it's just royally peaves me off so let's rise up and use this time of boredom to make a gaming revolution starting with... Mc mods.

I also want to add to whoever tries to reply well we have to do more than that. No ya fricking don't I have legit seen a friend port a pc mod to mobile all he did was decode the coding on the mobile game using a pc mobile emulator and he just changed the pc Modpack file into a one that worked for his device after optimizing it for mobile like God the excuses I have heard people on these forums make just DO IT.

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Yes, great idea.

Please make sure to port EVERY version of minecraft over, make sure to port Forge over, make sure to port over every single mod in existence, because modpacks will depend on them. Make sure to port java in such a way that makes it usable on phone, make sure to port Technic, Twitch, MultiMC and ATlauncher over to mobile. Oh, while you're at it, make sure the GUI is actually usable in a phone format, and that means have it playable on both a 5 inch phone and a tablet.

Based on all of this, you'll be looking at atleast 4 years of work. I guess most people got the hint when they actually went over what would be required to make all of this work.

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uhh kinda late to reply. but just reading the entire paragraph from Joe really got me heated. So I'm just gonna list a few things.
1. Holy crap your grammar is terrible...
2. A Phone that can fit in your pocket cannot come NEAR to being able to out perform a PC (unless it was a chromebook/10 year old pc) in any capacity. It doesn't have the resources to do it. (at least not for another 5-10 years)
3. People learning to code a new language for a platform they don't really see befitting for most mods would be VERY difficult.
4. Forge, Fabric, etc. ONLY support PC versions of MC. 
5. Tell me the syntax code and DN software they used.
6. Nobody really cares about the phone platform of gaming other than the cash grab Ad games. 
7. PC emulator, Changing code, and optimizing would have taken him atleast a week if not more to do that with every mod.
8. You aren't entitled to squat
9. Have a wonderful day

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