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What does it mean by my edition of java is known to have issues with minecraft?

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I'm on a Mac. I downloaded java a while ago, and I didn't know it had different versions and all. The exact message is  "You've selected Java 13.0.1, which is known to have issues with Minecraft. Are you sure you want to continue?" When I select yes, it doesn't actually load the mod. What do I do to fix this?

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New java versions changed a lot of what forge used for their "hacky" classloaders. Forge needs to be updated to match these, but with how fast releases have been coming out recently (5 releases in 3 years verses 1 release in 3 years for 7 -> 8). AFAIK Forge for 1.13+ was being re-written for Java 9, below that you need Java 8. For reference:


Java 8 is listed as Long Term Support (LTS), and will continue receiving security updates through 2020, so you shouldn't have any reason not to install it.

Not to mention Java's new licensing, which is clear as mud -_-

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