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Weird lag in certain spots.


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Hey all,

I'm stumped. I'm getting a weird FPS drop in certain places that's quite noticeable and I wondered if anyone might know the reason why. It's only in certain spots of certain chunks and it doesn't matter if I raise or lower my graphics settings. I've tried everything from the lowest possible settings through to the highest possible settings, the game does the same thing - I'm getting tiny little freezes as I'm moving my camera around. I can step back a few blocks and it stops. It's a drop in FPS just under the visible threshold to the point where the game feels like it's lagging.

It shouldn't be because of lots of things being in my view either, one of the places I'm getting it is at a little village we found, it's a fairly small one and the only thing nearby is an inn and stables we built (only just in render range).

It's not a performance issue - I'm never going above 10% graphics use, 60% memory (even with Tekkit having 8gb of ram assigned to it) and my CPU isn't going above 40% while I'm running the game. It's not a server issue, as others aren't getting it in the same spots.

My Java is up to date. My specs should be able to handle it without any problems:

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.50GHz
Nvidia GTX 980 ti 6gb
16gb Ram DDR4 2400hz
It's running on an SSD card

I'm stumped. Anyone know why it's happening and hopefully a fix?

Thanks for any help :)

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I actually got the number wrong in my first post, I meant 20%, my bad on that - missed it when reading over the post. I don't have the option to check Cuda any more on the performance tab and I don't have a program to monitor it specifically so all I can do is give you these numbers using my normal settings:

Standing just out from one of these spots and spinning around I have utilization 19-20%, 3D usage same, 1.7/6.0gb memory used, GPU temp 50-52C.

Standing in one of those spots and turning my camera  the same sort of way for 5 minutes (that's when I notice it happening, when I move my camera) I get utilization go up to 24% briefly here and there for 3D, memory stays the same, temp the same. Nothing seems to suggest that the card is working any harder when I'm in these spots.

For a while I wondered if it was the villagers, but I can walk into the middle of them and it's smooth again. I can look at the same spot from different directions, and it's fine. It's just these patches that are less than a chunk in size for some reason make my game slow down but nothing seems to suggest the PC is actually working any harder.

If you can suggest a program to monitor the CUDA I'd be more than happy to do a test again to see if there's a significant raise in usage.

It's not like this is game breaking or anything, it's just slightly annoying.

Cheers for the reply :)

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