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Iron Spawn Rate


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Am I the only one noticing a distinct lack of Iron? It may just be me but I can't help but feel my mining trips are coming up more and more empty on that specific ore.

Also, can ANYONE help me with this?

I have looked this up, and nothing helps. I am trying to figure out how you make dust. I have seen the item repeatedly, but as of yet I can't find out what machine makes it.

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first of all i definitely agree with you on the iron spawning not being high enough,i also have found that copper ore spawns much too frequently.

secondly to make dusts you need to use an enrichment chamber, here is the link to the Mekanism manual page, and FYI don't click the links on the side they are broken, just scroll down and you should be able to find the dusts section labeled a little way down the page.

and a little hint, you need to make a Metallurgic Infuser to make the iron block for almost all of the mekanism machines.

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