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Who are Your Favorite Let's Play Youtubers?

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You didn't mention minecraft Lets Plays specifically, so I'll toss this one in here; trmplays. He plays my favourite mod Prophecy of Pendor in Mount & Blade: Warband.

my bar for youtube LPs are low: don't have loud techno intros/outros, don't constantly beg for subs/likes and don't fumble around on the game like an idiot. I'll give subs/likes if I like what I see. tmrplays cuts unecessary stuff in his gameplays and shows the interesting parts. cut straight to the case. I like that.



I don't know if the following counts as Lets Plays either, but I'm currently watching Campaign 2 of Critical Role. a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors who plays a silly tabletop game called Dungeons & Dragons.




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