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How to defend against players


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In volts, we know there are many new nasty ways to kill people. Explosives amongst the many, but also the less famous spike trap.

The first defense against a player is simple: HIDE! Camoflauge is an easy to use block, also decently cheap. Now, in order to use this, you will need: The block you want to use to be camoflauged. Next, you will need a Wrench. These are expensive, costing 1 diamond and 3 iron to make. The interesting thing about camo is that you can make windows on the iside that you can see out of, but they can't see in the window. This is the first line of defense.

If they find you, then you will want to have land mines and traps set up EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere. Anywhere you can see someone going, set a trap there. USE GLASS PRESSURE PADS. They are near impossible to see in the ground, making some nasty suprises possible. The best traps contain multiple explosives. The condensed explosive is a key part of land mines, when it gets redstone it explodes near instantly. Players can easily be trapped. You can also put Shrapnel explosives next to them, so that when the condensed explosives go off, the main part of the mine starts. The shrapnel explosives do no damage to the area, just animals and players. At this point they could be heavily damaged, and the explosives will give you time to prepare.

When they make it past that, IF they do that is, then you can set up a hall way trap. These are quite fun. You make a 2x2 hallway going straight across. You fill one side with lava, and the other you put some blocks on, so they only have one way to go. Put pistons in the walls, and when they step on the trap, they get pushed in. Simple and effecient.

If at this point they are past that, they deserve a cookie. Next you can set up some spike pits. Simple pits in the ground that have spikes in the bottom. You can make regular spikes, poisoned spikes, or fire spikes. It doesn't matter.

At this point they are usually all either dead, or have given up. But anyone so determined to keep going will find you in your armor waiting. By this point they are usually low on health, making the fight an easy one.

Do you have better ways to defend against players? Let me know, put in your suggestions and setups in the comments below.

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Fire EMP's as nuclear deterants. This way they will lose all power and most generators . . . and those are expensive! >:) Also, maybe you can make a fence of barbed wire and have the entrance booby-trapped with shrapnel missiles! And set up a good radar system with some redstone lamps that light up your house when given a pulse from the radar, as well as some proximity detectors.

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