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TDLR: Login difficulty, even though I have the right credentials


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Hi, I've already seen posts similar to this one, but they are severely outdated and I also didn't see anything to explain this problem. 

I was logged out of the launcher somehow (I assume it is because my computer restarted), and I am unable to log back into it.

I know it isn't on my end because I logged back into the regular vanilla launcher with ease, with the same user login credentials.

My Minecraft account has already moved over to Microsoft, so the launcher doesn't recognize the credentials through the Mojang way to log in, I assume

I am not sure what to do to fix this, and help would be appreciated.

If it helps, I'm playing on windows 11, and the version of Minecraft I have is java




Hi! i got an update.

if your problem was similar to mine, do this:

Close technic then follow these
1. Hit "Windows" key on your keyboard
2. Type "%APPDATA%", it should select appdata folder, press enter to open the folder
3. open .technic folder
4. Delete the oauth folder

it worked for me, and it should work for you

(join technic's discord for help like this in the future, they reply fast and are willing to help)

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