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Oh here we go again

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Just logged into the world I spent all last night setting up.... and all the bloody machine have disappeared.

Been using 3.1.2 all along, and ignoring the newer version request.

Press 'E' and I have no machines available at all to build.... its like its vanilla Minecraft and that is it

Any ideas?

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OK.. after clearing the cache, the machines have returned.

But now my world is missing half its marble floor, my entire frame elevator and most of its railcraft track.

Yep... looking like yet another world trashed for some reason I don't understand


All the worlds are broken for some reason. No idea why. There are large chunks missing.

Rolling back to a previous save doesn't fix it, so I am out of ideas.

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Dude I have absolutely no problems so their are most likely two problems:

1) your computers actually a toaster

2) Or you have a corrupt file and you need to wipe your tekkit folder ( for windows just search %appdata% -> .techniclauncher -> tekkit)

anything else your outa luck there's a million things that could be going wrong and since this is not a common problem you're screwed

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Well I spent an evening rolling back/forwards etc. Unknown reason for the loss.

The last world I was working on had a huge 20 level frame lift and when I reloaded the world - there was a massive hole in the floor of the base, which had also erased all my elevator.

Its not like the marble floor was all missing... just this one big hole.

So I checked another world I have and nearly all the railcraft track has disappeared (but a few bits remain). The bits missing are not the last bits that were installed either

Totally bizarre and its getting tiresome trying to keep fixing worlds that get randomly buggered up.

I have taken this opportunity to try FTB.

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