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Sould the mods in voltz be added to tekkit?


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I don't think that this is what I would want, and here is why:

1) Many of the items in the Voltz Modpack have equivalent items in Tekkit (I am also referring to the Machines as well)


2) Tekkit is already cluttered with 3 different power systems (IC2, Buildcraft and RP2) and I don't think it needs any more complications. Whats more is that if Tekkit updates to EE3, it will add EMC into that list of power systems upping the total to 4!

This is just my opinion though!

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tekkit is kinda dead because the codes wasnt made to get that much mods together and it was a paint to update (as i understand) so i think voltz will replace tekkit and be a similar copy . I love tekkit a lot, but i think voltz as a much better potential then tekkit

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