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Update World from 1.2.5 to 1.4.6


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I've got an old world we spent lot's of time building a city on. We have tried to not spread to much to avoid unnecessary chunk generation with this update in mind. I've got MCedit but haven't got much experience using it. Are there someone who knows how to replace blocks since the ID changes? Or is there still plans on making a updater that would fix an old world for the new pack?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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If you start up your classic and press e you have a option/settings button in the lower left corner for Nei there you have the option to dump Block Id Map or something like that.

That gives you a txt file with all Ids. Then you load up a new world with your new pack: tekkit lite, voltz or what ever take your fancy, do dump the list from here also.

Then I copied and pasted the both list into a excel(numbers google docs etc) sheet. Then in column c I put the formel to =(a1=b1) That way I got a false on the changes and could sort out the not affected ids and see the changed ones.

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I created a list with all changed IDs. When the new ID is 1 then this means that this Block doesn´t exist in Tekkit Lite anymore. I hpe this will help to convert existing worlds to tekkit lite. I tried mIdas to change the IDs but it doesn´t work, because the programm cannot load the tekkit world file. How can I change the IDs?

146 To 756

147 To 759

148 To 760

150 To 763

151 To 764

152 To 765

146 To 756

126 To 1

127 To 1

128 To 1

129 To 1

130 To 1

133 To 762

134 To 761

135 To 3093

136 To 750

137 To 751

138 To 753

139 To 253

140 To 254

141 To 249

142 To 255

143 To 248

144 To 252

145 To 754

156 To 1

158 To 1

159 To 1

161 To 1

169 To 152

170 To 1

171 To 151

172 To 1

173 To 1

174 To 150

175 To 1

176 To 1

177 To 238

178 To 251

187 To 1

190 To 1

206 To 454

207 To 1

208 To 456

211 To 450

212 To 455

213 To 1

214 To 1

215 To 1

216 To 1

235 To 216

238 To 235

248 To 1

249 To 1

253 To 1

254 To 1

255 To 1

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But how do I change the IDs ?

And I have to change the Ids in the world folder, not in the config files.

I would love to hear the answer to this question!

Since i have never tried it before and have no clue about, where to do it and how to....

And I would hate to restart with a new server and loose a lot of hours work in that world!

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Ok so I've managed to use my list of changes with mIDas Gold which I found through this thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-convert-tekkit-classic-world-to-tekkit-lite.34915/

I hade problems with transposer and tanks so I replaced them with an other block and then I changed them back. My advanced machines where wrong id probably so have to change that but I can see the light in the end of the tunnel.

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