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Many mods are gone :(


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This was a good post.

It was a fantastic post! :D

OP, this post was, in fact, completely pointless, despite what any amazingly clever sarcastic forum users may tell you. Try asking why those mods are gone instead of a statement of a fact if you want a response from us.

Would you like it if I ran up to you IRL and said, "HEY! GUESZ WHAT? The sky is blueeeeeeee!". Probably not. Since I assume you are new, know that you probably now have an infraction point.

Any more and you will be automatically "Demoted" to Helen Keller Status.

Always remember:

Ask yourself' date=' "Is my post or reply actually interesting, funny, or contributing to the discussion at hand?"[/b'] - if not, don't post.
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And you wonder why they call it Tekkit LITE?

Actually, they dont call it tekkit lite because of less mods. They call it that now because it now uses the vanilla server software + ForgeEssentials for commands.

This makes it "lite" because bukkit (what was used before) tends to be larger and use more ram.

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Tekkit Lite actually has more mods than Tekkit Classic. I guess his whole argument is pointless.

There also planning to add EE3, so his argument is even MORE pointless. If only this young man would search other posts instead of waisting time. :(

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Not that many are gone. Repeating my post from another thread...

Missing in Tekkit lite (vs Tekkit)

  • CC sensors
  • Matmos


  • Server is based on forge rather than bukkit (no bukkit plugins are compatible).
  • MFFS has been continued in it's old state in the mod Advanced repulsion systems.
  • Equivalent Exchange 2 is replaced by Equivalent Exchange 3 (big changes)
  • IC2 Transformers is basically an updated version of Power Converters (to simplify the differences)
  • IC2 Advanced power management is basically an updated and extended version of IC2 charging bench (APM was inspired by charging bench)

Added in Tekkit Lite (Excluding NEI mods and ignoring mod versions)(vs Tekkit):

  • Logistics pipes
  • Factorization
  • Minefactory Reloaded
  • Mystcraft
  • OmniTools
  • Steve's carts
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Treecapitator

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