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Feed The Best vs Tekkit Lite


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Biggest thing going for FTB is Thaumcraft, since Azanor is giving them exclusive permissions on it.

For now ; He doesn't want to permit other packs to use it because TC3 is still in beta, and thus buggier than it could be. He's buddy with the FTB folks, so they can have it, but once the official release is out, Technic will probably have it as well.

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Anyone try FTB mod? Only reason I ask is because they have had a little bit of a head start with 1.4.x and Forge.

What have been your experiences with it?

... On my phone.... supposed to be Feed The Beast

Tekkit lite has Treecapitator, Logistic pipes and Nether ores while the FTB packs have advanced solars, Extra bees, extra biomes, gravisuite, gravity gun, gregtech, misc peripherals, obsidipressure plates, Petrogen, portal gun, soul shards, thaumcraft, traincraft and XyCraft. A better comparison is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApklE_D9KbB-dFpSbmc2SVREUzBhVHVfNGVldjRLbmc

By the way, it is a mod pack, not just a mod. But being on your phone, you may already know that.

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