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[1.0.7]StoneVoltz[PvP][100 slots][no whitelist][no Mystcraft] BUGS FIXED


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Hello, and welcome to StoneVoltz!

StoneVoltz is one of my new minecraft server project. (Check my old site for my old server: stonecraft.site40.net)

Why do i want to host a server?

  • Well, i like technology like things and i've hosted a server before but had to shut it down because of personal problems. Also i'm getting sick of those voltz servers that say NO LAG 24/7 and they still crash every second.

Where are we aiming for?

  • A good and friendly community, few rules, no lag(i'll try), 24/7, fun for people and ofcourse become the biggest server!

A bit about me:

  • I'm a young programmer, i like c++ and java. I've hosted a big minecraft server before this one and i know alot about being a good admin and i know alot about java. So i can fix bugs not like other admins that say:"i think i know what the bug is" next day you see they refreshed the map. I'm aiming for people to enjoy their stay on this server, And i think i speak for all admins/ server owners make some cash during. Once Voltz will be ported to Bukkit i will add some plugins.

Okay so now for the server details and rules:

Removed mod: Mystcraft, why? creating a new world makes a lot of lagg and can start to annoy otherpeople. also most of these world created will take lots of hard disk space. Imagine 100 users creating 1 world at the same time.

Banned items: lightning rod crashes server. Tier 2 and 3 Factory corrupts map.


(1. No bug abuse, like duping glitching and that sort of stuff.

(2. No swearing, flaming and raging. Pretty easy rule to follow.

(3. No hacking like: X-Ray, flying and wall hacks.

(4. Treat other players with respect.

(5. Have fun!!

Also, our admins and moderators will be fully undercover because i like to play survival my self.





/summon [playername]

/tell [playername] message

/warp [warpname]

Server specs:

  • 8 gigs of ram
  • i7 intel proccesor
  • 1gig upload speed
  • 1gig download speed

Will add pictures later!

Please reply on what you think of this project. Thank you

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(1. IGN: northern_nat

(2. Age: 12

(3. First time joined the server: 16:11 10/1/13

(4. Why do you want to be a mod: I see way to many mods/admins abusing their powers and i wont to be a fair mod on a server so that people are not deterred by unfair treatment.

(5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator: I'm quite fair and won't blow my top unless i have a mega reason. Also i have been a negotiator a lot.

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(1. IGN:Carmenpasta

(2. Age:20

(3. First time joined the server:1/9/2013 at 5:00 pm US eastern time

(4. Why do you want to be a mod:I've moderated for other servers before, and like the others, I'm usually strapped for cash, so my way of donating is my time to help make sure the server is fun for all.

(5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator:I'm a patient man, I don't just give up, I'm persistent and I always keep in touch with my superiors to ensure that what I'm doing is right, I like to keep informed and I have a knack for documenting things, so I feel these make me qualified, alongside prior experience moderating.

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(1. IGN:frostblooded

(2. Age:17

(3. First time joined the server:1-9-13 at 7: 25 P.M. EST

(4. Why do you want to be a mod:Because I believe I can help this server out in becoming the best it can be!

(5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator:Well I have been admin on several tekkit servers since I have played the mod since it came out. When i heard about voltz I wanted to jump right in! I have grown more knowledgeable about the mod every second! I can help out n anyway you need.

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I have gone on the server now but i can't break blocks or pick up items :(

It gives the message: You are not permitted to use the block AIR

EDIT - In the spawn it says IronVoltz instead of StoneVoltz.

I'm awere of those problems and I'm fixing it i just installed forgebukkit mod so thats why i got some glitches sorry!

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Not sure if you're still taking applications, but I'll submit mine for future use anyways :>

(1. IGN: _Walrus

(2. Age: 19

(3. First time joined the server: I will after I submit this (Yes, I realize my chance of getting a staff spot is pretty low since I haven't been on the server yet).

(4. Why do you want to be a mod: I just came from a server (that I donated to) where the admins treated everyone badly and I'd like to be the reverse of that. Also I want to help someone make their server a great one and you need good mods to have a good server.

(5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator: I'm pretty dang fair when it comes to disputes. I'd never abuse what power I did have if I were a mod. I wouldn't purposely be mean to anyone (I might not like someone, but I won't be a jerk to them just because I don't like them. Everyone's equal y'know?) and I'm a pretty chill dude in general. I can "put the hammer down" if I need to though. :>


EDIT: I've been on the server now! :D

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