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Starting a fresh Tekkit Lite server and going through config files...


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I've operated a Tekkit 1.2.5 server for awhile and am now setting up tekkit lite.

Going through the configs, I noticed copper and tin are set to false in world generation in IC2.cfg and am wondering why this is?

I've also noticed that generation of these is also disabled in the redpower.cfg in addition to silver (set to =0)?

Are there any other concerns similar to this that I should be aware of from tekkit classic?

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It is using thermal expansions ore gen the same as FTB does it appears which allows them to fully adjust the ore heights, cluster sizes, and rarities. Which any user or server can adjust as well to be what ever they want.

I just checked the config for it and it is using mostly the settings as FTB but the ore cluster sizes are larger. Which means you will find more of each ore but they are now restricted to certain Y hight ranges.

Copper - Y 75 to 40

Tin - Y 50 to 25

Lead - Y 40 to 20

Silver - Y 35 to 15

As for coal, iron, gold, diamonds, and any other default ore they still spawn at the normal levels for them. So in short if you mine at diamond level only you will never find any tin or copper.

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