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Looking To Start A Small Tekkit Server (Plus Recruiting)


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Name: Tattsy_

Preferred Name: Tattsy, Tatts (whatever really)

Tekkit/Minecraft Knowledge: Quite extensive with all mods. Great at most things technical. If I don't know it, it honestly won't take me long to learn it.

Skype: Literally just got it. Tattsy_

Intelligent Conversation: Yeah, no problem.

Dedicated Time: Plenty, probably 8+, more if required.

Little About Me: I'm 18, live in Australia so I'm EST+10:00, love sport, love games especially Minecraft (Tekkit is just the icing on the cake). Quite clever and creative, very positive and humorous, I love a good laugh.

What I Love Most About Tekkit: Geez where to begin? I love working hard to create stuff that just amazes. I go to great lengths for projects and enjoy every minute of it. I love redstone (Especially with Redpower wires) and love building great structures and other things.

Tekkit Job: I'm always happy to help and interact, so in a way, I guess I'm a handyman/freelance engineer. But I'm flexible so whatever really.

Do I Get Along With Others: I can't see why not, I enjoy meeting people, having a chat and whatnot, so yes I get along with others.

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Hello, I am interested in playing tekkit with you and whoever you choose. I like playing to use every aspect of tekkit, not just IC2 and buildcraft. I am good at coordinating people and getting people online at the same time. I like being helpful. Played minecraft and tekkit for over two years now. I love setting up forcefields, complicated logistics pipes systems, and other cool stuff like that. I would say, since you mentioned the yogscast, that I am more of a "Duncan-like" player. I like playing with others and work well in a team. I am 15 and live in california(Pacific Standard Time). My IGN is JPBLUEVIPER. I would also be interested in creating a steam group for the people that make the final cut, if I make it. I am good with server files and computer tech support in setting up the server and plugin config files. Hope to play with you soon.

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Hey, My name ingame is Overlord_Poision but I prefer being called either Over or Assassin(long story)

I do we'll in my middle school and I live in Utah. I would love to join your server. And thank you soo much for bothering to read this.

I love tekkit for the fact that it has multiple sides to it, like magic and science, and the creativity of users who play. I don't really have a job I just look and see what needs to be done or ask. I would hate to see this glorious company go under so I can kinda help. I have been playing tekkit for about 3 months Imbetween school and dinner. I am usually on from 3:30 4is till 6 and usually after I eat. I am 14 and actually my birthday is in January. I'm having problems with Skype. Thank you agian soo much for reading. I also type fast and hope to start recording If I find the right program. If you need mor info please please please email me at [email protected]

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1. Name: ryang1

2. What I`d Like to be Called On and Off the Server : Ryan

3. I have an excellent knowledge of minecraft and until recently i mainly played technic SSP but most mods are the same and i enjoy creating automated machines

4. Sorry dont own a microphone and dont really like using voice chat too much although my typing speed is rather fast so delays arent large in conversation.

I live in the UK, 18 years old, enjoy the challenge of creating complicated machinery and restone contraptions.

I mostly enjoy the technical aspect of tekkit e.g. piping, machinery, automation etc. as well as trying to making pleasing looking structers that are nice on the eyes (square houses can look so plain)

I generally get along with others and any insults i throw are (hopefully) always seen as a joke as they are phrased that way.

Would really enjoy playing on a small server without restrictions as most larger servers restrict objects because players cant be trusted to not destroy everything or even as rewards for donators. Whats the point of tekkit if a whole mod is missing?

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Name: stormman09

I would like to be called :Storm or Legion

I have good intelligence with minecraft and many of the mods in tekkit except Railcraft and some others.

I don't have a microphone. I wouldn't want to release my voice out to people but I can type fast.

About me: Im 12 years old (yes you heard 12 -.-) I enjoy creating buildings and automated machines but not so good with redstone but I know some things. I live in Texas U.S,im funny,clever,creative and a bit cold hearted but not always mean.

Intelligent conversations man I can but I don't spell well so don't count on that.

I enjoy the atmosphere of tekkit it self how you shape the world with machines,magic and automated circuitry.

My job in tekkit is to feed the world with stew and get a large profit because of it.

I can play about 5-6 hrs a week all the time on weekends

I get along fairly well with others as long as the play by the rules and respect others. I love small servers because they soon become lager over time with more players. Now for the serious stuff I don't like how some servers ban all the cool items from the server because many people cant handle them correctly, therefore creating griefers and some such. so that completely wraps up my view I would be happy to join your server :D

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