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How to run Dynmap


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Hey guys,

so i

- patched my server to 0.51

- installed bukkitforge

- created a plugin folder

- copied in dynmap 0.90 (current version doesn't work because oft craftbukkit errors)

start up server. Dynmap loads up. I have the ingame menu but i can't render anything.

My "world" folder looks like this:


If i type in "/dynmap fullrender world" it tells me there is no world with that name. If i type in "/dynmap fullrender" it says "Startin fullrender on world '0' " but nothing is being rendered.

Anyone got dynmap working correctly? What am i doing wrong?

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you could try creating your world with just the mods that change world rendering( whatever adds the ore's, volcanos and rubber trees), run dynmap, and then you could just transfer the world file back over to tekkit lite?

alternatively just take the seed you want, generate the world in vanilla, run dynmap, and there you have a version of your map, but without the new structures ores and plants...

i cant help you with how to run it alongside tekkit lite tho, sorry, hope i helped.

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Extract dynmap/ to ~/

what exactly is ~/ ????????

i cant get dynmap to work, i put the 1 zip in mods, and the other folder in the server folder.

i openen port 8123 on tcp,

wehn i go to the local ip with :8123 in my browser i only see a white screen with

Directory: /

tiles/ 0 bytes 17-jan-2013 20:23:18

i used to see my dynmap world on with this method, what am i doing wrong?

/dynmap fullrender works, i just dont see anything in the browser

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