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  1. I had similar problem which was caused by Comodo Antivirus. It sandboxed TechnicLauncher.exe (and temp.exe) which caused that mod pack was downloaded properly but the required *.dll files were not. This caused white/gray screen. Adding those files to Trusted files list fixed this issue.
  2. Use command $ java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar BigDig.jar nogui or just type ./
  3. Edit yout .bat file, add command "pause" after the line "java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe nogui". Or start the server from the command line. My bet is that the location of your java.exe is not included in your PATH variable.
  4. Direwolf's Let's Play, Season 5, Episode 34:
  5. Comodo blocked TechnicLauncher.exe even if you were running it as Administrator. Only solution was to add it to Trusted files (and temp.exe also). And this keeps resetting when the launcher updates.
  6. Niko, that command line seems to be correct. What makes you think that it does not work? Nice reply. Too bad he asked about the server, not the client.
  7. When all the mods are 1.5.x compatible. You might consider checking mod forums and other sources to see what mods are compatible and which are not.
  8. Please describe what means "the normal allocation methods".
  9. I had similar symptoms when my virus scanner (Comodo) was blocking partially TechnicLauncer.exe.
  10. Answer is pretty simple, if you just give couple of minor details: Which operating system you are using, Windows, Mac or Linux? Which version of Java you are using, 6 or 7? Which version of Java you are using, 32 or 64 bits? How much memory did you allocate in the Launcher options? (cogwheel in right upper corner) What does your log file say in %appdata%.techniclogs? What does your log file say in %appdata%.technicbigdig? (ForgeModLoader-client-0.log)
  11. Uninstall Java 732bit Reboot Install Java7 64bit Start Launcher Allocate "enough" (atleast 2Gb) memory (from the cogwheel in the right upper corner of the Launcher) You also might consider installing Optifine into your %appdata%\.technic\bigdig\bin\minecraft.jar file. Please do not ask how, use google instead.
  12. Here's sample of my script which "patches" vanilla with ModLoader, LiteLoader and OptiFine (actually it builds zipped modpack for Platform).
  13. I think that we need two sticky threads: "Do you want OptiFine? Read this!" "Do you want Thaumcraft? Read this!" Yes, we all want them. But unfortunately the authors haven't given the permission to use those.
  14. It seems that launcher won't download custom modpacks from Dropbox.