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Commuication Error (But i can still connect?) Help!


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I have a tekkit lite server 1.5.1. I was letting he server run overnight and when i woke up in the morning, the server was still running but when i jumped on the tekkit launcher and clicked multiplayer it says connection error. I am able to connect to the server though. just as normal. Other people are able to connect as well aparently...

I have No idea what is going on here, if someone could at least explain what the error (and the server still functioning) is a result of? i may be able to figure it out from there.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Connection error

Tekkit isn't broadcasting or more likely something is stopping that broadcast but allowing the full client/server connection

Communication Error

This happens to me all the time, don't ask me why but it does, and if it happens once I have to restart tekkit to try again, but I can still connect regardless of whether or not I restart

Either way if your people can still get on I don't see a problem

DISCLAIMER: This is all theory, I have no basis other than personal experience

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