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  1. Hey i am also having the problem of downloading my custom modpack, i was runing my pack fine, i made a few mod changes, and now it will not download. I have multiple custom modpacks on here and as far as i can see ive done everything right (this has nothing to do with the installation it ran fine on my server) technic launcher tries to download the zip file 3 times then errors out. Which is "failed to download https://dl.dropbox.com/s/u4lr4zx9oiqkmfa/SoosTechPack.rar" Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/soostechpack.270461 Dropbox link i used: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/u4lr4zx9oiqkmfa/SoosTechPack.rar
  2. sorry i was not able to edit the post, **place your DIM-28 folder in the "saves" folder of a regular minecraft installation (aka: navigate to %appdata%) start up mcedit and load the dim-28 world, go to the location that your crash report is stating and delete said blocks.** you can always delete the whole region if there is very little.
  3. Hey you have to use mcedit to take out the specific block (it gives you the region file name and the block location) in this case its tileEntityOxygenSealer dl mcedit here: http://www.mcedit.net/ place ur dim folden in the saves of a regular minecraft install and naviagte the moon till you can remove those entitys
  4. I also have this problem, and would also like to know if there is any way to fix this problem other than contacting the mod creator.
  5. ppl still have to load the custom mods either way its the same principle
  6. its probably a block that was placed or something went whacky with the map i think you might just have to cut ur losses im sorry
  7. This definatley worked uprighted all my solar panels and centered all the machines. Thanks ststeppat!!! (For SERVER) all clients and server MUST download the same ic2.jar and install it manually by going into %appdata%/.techniclauncher/tekkitlite/mods remove the original IC2.jar and replace it with the new build. Maybe tekkitlite will just release an update but i doubt it so have fun...
  8. its only one world map? you can join others just fine right?
  9. I am also experiencing this problem, it is especially annoying with solar panels because they are not wanting to work properly (sometimes). I upgrade to 0.5.7 yesterday hopefully there will be a fix soon
  10. You may want to post the server ip or a link to your server page, something really. But i could help ive been working with tekkit lite and essentials, i know world edit as well. unfortunatley i couldnt get residence to work on my tekkit lite server, haha.
  11. Hello, I was trying to start a test server to test some new plugins. My current server is runnign 0.5.2 just fine but when i re download the tekkit lite server 0.5.2 to try a clean test i get this. http://pastebin.com/gAGE7237 I cant figure out what is going on. it happens with both my windows 7 pc and my windows vista notebook. There is one other person who has been having this exactly problem and he posted in the server op swap section but i feel it may have been overlooked. Thanks for all the help! Update.... I tried manually downloading the lib files but it did not help i am still getting the same error.
  12. I am still currently having the problem today, i don't know if its a problem with the transformers add-on or forge mod loader, but i tried installing an older version of the transformers add-on (deleting orginal 1.7 and config file) but it still gives me the error. I cant even test new plugins because i can't download a clean version. This happens on my windows 7 pc AND my windows vista notebook.
  13. That is exactly what is happening to me have you gotten a fix for it niceniels?
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