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TERA Online goes the way of F2P


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Seriously, who didn't see this fucking coming?

The game has has a combat system closer to an ARPG than other MMOs. It has some great visuals, like a more Korean-inspired looking Guild Wars 2, and the characters/creatures all have a feeling of life to them.

There is an infinite-duration trial currently in place until the F2P transition comes in February. It's worth a try if you're fine with the same old MMO style questing and leveling with a lot better looks and combat.

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I've bought the game, had the subscription for like 4 months.

In my opinion - was worth it, i've enjoyed every hour.

Graphics are awesome, non-target system is something i prefer over |selecting| or whatever it's called. Although "learning" the moves of BAMs (Big Ass Monster) to defeat them is quite an enjoyment, they lack the surprise element once you master the moves of certain monster type. It's like "Oh this XYZ monster looks similar to ZYX i just killed, ok so i've got to just ...". Yet, every fight you are in feels differently, so i guess it's just me being picky.

Gameplay is simply awesome for my needs, i like to play in teams and i do encourage any of you to play with your friedns/guildmates as it rises the level of the fun incredibly. Yet, i often like to just log-in and simply do stuff alone, the game supports lone wolfs in very good manner - basicly, you can "solo" anything in the world, it might jsut take riddiculus amount of time.

Ofcourse that excludes the instanced dungeons, for which you have a convienient auto-group maker.

The thing only suffers low population, as the waiting time in queues might be quite big for some classes (I was playing Lancer / tank, never had to wait more than 2min to get in).

PvP? Only if you have decent PC and ISP, in case of playing lancer with very pointy attacks. I am yet to try that whole new Nexus thing, but guess i'll wait till i get that Veteran status and F2P goes live.

The only few things that are quite an annoyance for me:

- some walking animations at certain race/class / gender combinations ( Castanics Female Warrior : no knees walk mode...)

- difficulty ( i feel the game gives not enough challenge, XP is just being stuffed at your face and general progress is too quick to enjoy side things, like daylies, Named Bosses, World Bosses (Unique Items) or Crafting - you level up so fast there is nearly no point in those. I would not consider myself a "hardcore grinder" im more of casual type)

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