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Minefactory in SMP?


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why is Minefactory Reloaded in SMP but not the SSP? in the SSP forums people are saying its because Forestry and other take over what it offered and so its no longer necessary. but SMP has forestry and all the other mods that take its place in it 2! so id just like to know what gives and why Tehkrush's mods are only in SMP. (ssp is also missing the power converters and nether ores)

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Its because MFR and Power Convertors do not work for Buildcraft 3, because Buildcraft 3 isn't SMP.

So if I may ask what made you guys decide upon Buildcraft 3.0 if it has compatibility issues upon a mod that tehkrush (whom i believe is a member of the technic team) is working on now? or are u working on a fix to fix said compatibility problems? sorry if my questions irritated you guys im just wondering what made u guys want 2.0 in smp and allow tehkrush's mods(and possibly others) and 3.0 on spp for some compatibility lose? dnt get me wrong i love the features 3.0 has to offer i am just curious as to the thought process that was made on deciding upon what to do? (not trying to offend just curious)

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