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Zombie, y u haf no body?


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Hello folks!

This is a bug that's driving me nuts, I'm hoping one of you guys can help me out. Zombies are floating heads and some textures come out pink, like the top of a macerator. I'm running the latest MC, the latest Launcher, and I'm trying to get Sphax to work properly. Now I've tried loads, watched vids etc etc, but I'm not getting anywhere.

I did get it right at one point but the pack was 16x and I'm trying to get 128x working.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Make sure you match up the version of Sphax 128x from his website with the version of MC your Tekkit build is using, ie. 1.4.6 for Tekkit Lite. You can also pull out the zombie skins individually from your current pack to look at them to compare them side by side. That should tell you which ones are misaligned from the hat area. There is a separate patch available from the same website for IC2 or you can browse those forums for a patch for whichever Tekkit you use.

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