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Help Remove TMI


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I have looked everywhere and cannot find a thread deticated to removing toomanyitems mod. I have tried tekkit classic and technic I want build craft and redpower. Also Off Topic: Does anyone know if build craft, red power, thaumcraft, forestry, treecapitator, millenaire, ender storage, factorization, iron chests, extra bees, inventory tweaks and last but not least Rei's minimap, will work together in a pack? I understand I'll of course need forge for it. I like these mods and they are included in multiple mod packs but each mod pack has toomanyitems and doesn't have ALL the mods I want like like treecapitator and thaumcraft. thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you can help me.

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Technic doesn't have Too many items installed anyway, it does have Not enough items (NEI) though. If you don't want to cheat items in, click the options button when your in your inventory (when NEI is up), and click the Cheat Mode button until it says Recipe Mode.

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