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These new logs... [nothing to do with trees]

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So as I do, I wander around the bug report sections, Googling people's problems and pretending I know what I'm talking about when I reply to them.

But now some dumbass log format has shown up, and I don't know what I'm looking for now, or what to Google to get a solution or find related problems.

Here's an example (from a random who I am regretfully unable to help), I dunno who made this format or where it came from, but can someone give me pointers as to what's going on in here.

EDIT : Actually, I sorta do know what I'm on about, but still, it's confusing.


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I am pretty sure that is the crash report that Minecraft makes, launcher_0.log is still being written to on my machine like always.

It's been a while since I have been to the regular Minecraft forums but don't they tell people to post the crash report there? Perhaps he got confused or something.

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