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MAD_CRAFT Tekkit lite server


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Hello and welcome to MADCRAFT server this is your owner tdog2697 informing you about our sick madcraft server and we welcome you to join our server anytime u want just message me through hamachi and ill start server asap.

We will have a website soon

The current staff are



[ADMIN] telamon1, madaman

[MOD] Crosmanairsoft and Jasper109109


There will be one admin but two mods.

We currently have a head admin (telamon1) so that means there is only one admin spot left, and we have two moderators (crosmanairsoft and Jasper109109)

Join and prove your worthy of the position. Sadly we're not 24/7 but indeed, will be.

There are currently no mods yet. It's a legitimate game of fairness. Owners, Co owners

and all other staff aren't aloud to spawn items unless it's for building a server building. Like spawn.


1.This server does not tolerate greifing! If someone has evidence that you've greifed their property the matter will get treated correctly. Your punishment will go as the seriousness.

If the whole property is greifed = ban

If a minority of the property is greifed = 24 hr ban

If any items are stolen etc = kick and give items back

2.Swearing must be kept to a minimum

3.This is legit unless you are told to by a owner (pongo1198,tdog2697)

4. respect the owners, admins, moderators and other players.

5. no pvp that means no hitting people with battle axe if caught or reported killing someone you will be banned for 48 and killed players items will be given back

6. And most of all have fun and enjoy our server ;)

This is a Hamachi server,

which means it requires Hamachi to play

the hamachi network is

network name: madcraft2

pass: leave empty

if this one is full join this one

network name: madcraft3

pass: leave empty

if this one is full join this one

network name: madcraft4

pass: leave empty

The Server I.P is

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Hi, my name is Crosmanairsoft, and I would like to join your server, I have ran many of my own and/or developed many servers, so I have had PLENTY experience being OP, I would like to apply for admin/mod if available. Please and thank you, Crosmanairsoft.

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hey tdog its me madaboy can i be an admin please, i was the guy who suggested 2 of the plugins i don't mind helping others and i like to be kind to all i have experiencing with commands and dont mind helping out the servers needs in all ways :-D

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Hi my username is gogetasj4 and I would like to be a member of staff

I am currantly head-admin of 2 servers and I have experience being op

I can help u build spawn and also check out order in the server if anybody is griefing or duping

please take a moment to see my app and decide if im gonna be staff or not



p.s is ur server up now?

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It's a bit obivous that I'm a head admin.. Also t-dog you're not one to decide staff.. you're a co owner. I think that Pongo should decide considering HE OWNS the server.

Ok chunk lets get this straight the co-owner is the same as the owner. Just one runs the server (me the owner). So if tdog2697 says your not welcome anymore you are not welcome. This is the same for all ranks if they don't like someone they chat to higher ranks if the reason is logical or a strong point then the player is Not welcome.

The future of our server is in good and kind players we can trust. Obviously your not one of them!

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Hah, what cunt? Better shut the fuck up before I fucking destroy your router and your fucking Intertnet Income. Fucking dumb cunt. Get a life.

Just so u know YOU HAVE A TRACEABLE IP ADDRESS easy to find you if reported. And shopping centre computers have cameras so you are screwed if you try. Not to mention there is FREE software to counter attack or block incoming attacks so enjoy failing

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