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I'm making a cracked tekkit server for me and my friend only but...

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Ok. I need major help.

When I try to make a server, everything goes perfect and even I can join.

I'm using hamachi and I put online-mode:false in the file but my friend can't join.

He says that it appears as "Can't reach server"

The server has all the mods, the file is correct, with the server ip and online mode set to true and it is not working for him.

I can give further details if you ask, but I just wanna play with my friend.

If it is needed to remove any bugged mod, I can do it. ;)

Please help me :3

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Naw, just disconnect the internet cable in your computer, go outside for a few minutes, apply for a local job, work for money to buy minecraft, then set online mode to true, problem solved

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