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Bunkers, Whats Better? (Screenshot Thread)


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Howdy fellow bunker-dwellers,

I'd like to see other people's bunkers if they'd like to share them!

(Post you're screenshots of you're bunker in this thread!)

(Feel free to post other amazing things like defense systems,

farms, houses, world gen errors, Etc,)

I'd like to see some bunkers!

Maybe the best bunkers after a month -or-so- can expect a nice little spot on the OP,

of this threat,

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Wow lot of my blocks never built that much with them before :)

Oh, they're yours? Quick suggestion: Capitalize all of the words in their names! It infuriates my MinecraftOCD to have lowercase letters as the first letters.

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Looking good, especially with the desert backdrop. Nicely done!

A small suggestion though: blast-proof glass will protect your solar generators and still let sunlight reach them. That way, your roof-top power should be (mostly) safe from explosions too - in case somebody threw a grenade to your roof, hehe.

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