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Uncalled for treatment


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I have enjoyed the voltz mod and plugin, I have been running a decent server to boot. But at the Voltz site itself i asked one simple question How do i become a recommended server. To Calvalvia and he directs me to cammy to ask the question. So i asked Cammy and BAM they banned my account. And so i created a second account and asked why and demanded it unbanned and to be given a apoligy for not informing and just banning and BAM they banned my IP. So this lends me to post here a WARNING the Voltz mod creators a childish and do not respond and will just ban you and delete your posts even if relevant. They dont like you even if you offer money to them. And i'm sure Tekkit will erase this post soon as well... even though i've violated no rule stating i couldnt inform others.

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Most would let your post rot to the bottom of the forum.

But I would like to maybe help you out in your pursuit for justice.

1. Making bold claims on a forum is the easiest way these days to be labeled a Troll. "Why no one flamed you to death is beyond me."

2. If you do decided to make bold claims do it in a way that brings credibility, maybe with some emails, chat logs, and screenshots.

3. Have you posted your server here http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/voltz-servers.71/

Using these guidelines http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/notice-server-posting-guidelines-updated-21-1-13.36699/

If you did post your server and its decent like you say, let the great players of Voltz and the Server catch the attention of the Calvalvia and Cammy.

"Not flaming you, not schooling you, just offering some advice."

Best of luck,

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I had my Co-Owner talk to them and they were "Flamed with a lot of requests and just started auto-banning" Still un called for considering all the effort i had placed into voltz keeping one running thru all the bugs. They unbanned me and resolved the problem. I just feel they went about this the wrong direction and shouldve just mass returned emails saying standby instead. I'll forgive this and let bygones be bygones. I just want to succeed in becoming one of the best voltz servers out there still.

Just kinda hurt at the moment having put for a lot of effort to be kicked aside by emotional sillyness

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I had a run in with cammygames myself I can second the fact that he acts like a 12 year old. he was extremely unprofessional. I reached out to him for help and I also got the same type of response. My roomate and I have spent well over 60+ hours each a week keeping their modpack up on a server running they can at least have some respect for us.

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