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So I was wondering if Tekkit Lite is still considered to be in Beta/Prerelease/stable or other status?

Also, do you plan on forcing a map regen for a while or if i generate one now, I can use it as a permanent map?

Also are there any known stability issues?

Thanks alot!

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It should be considered a beta. That's why it's still 0.X.X

0.5.2 had the "console error spam" issue and crashed when dimensional anchors where used in Mystcraft, and so on.

The thing is everything in Minecraft mods is pretty much in a state of permanent beta because there is still no official consistent modding API for Minecraft.

The good news is Forge itself (the "core" of tekkit lite) is stable, so if crashes and bugs happen, it's caused by one mod, which you can deactivate until it's fixed.

As for map generation, it's really not up to the tekkit team.

Whenever modders update their mods, they might choose to add something in the world generation.

For example, Thaumcraft just did that, but he was nice enough to add a script to re-do the Thaumcraft generation on an existing map.

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