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  1. There is no technic account (except for the forums, but it's something else). You need to input your minecraft login and password.
  2. AFAIK the quarry always pump power even when it's not doing anything, so the engine souldn't explode with enough water. Just make sure the pumps and the water they draw from are chunkloaded. Quarries act as chunkloaders, so your whole water system should be in the same chunk as your quarry, or you need to put chunkloaders if you're pumping water from other chunks. If you do want to be absolutely sure, you can put a conductive pipe between the quarry and the engines, with a gate set to send a redstone signal only when the quarry has a job to perform. Finally, sometime the water blocks
  3. You can, just stay on tekkit classic.
  4. I use EE to make dyes. It's not much, but not having to pick up flowers is a blessing.
  5. True I guess. But a rotary macerator will grind ores faster than a quarry can mine them. I suppose if you have a huge input, that might become a problem. Indeed, gates have a function to disable a logistic pipe.
  6. Wait, I mean, like Castor said, that you send the materials directly into the crafting table with a satellite log pipe, and plug the crafting pipe on the chest below the table.
  7. Well yes, I get that, my question is why are you not using filters instead, since they won't accept excess ores at all, rather than have some back and forth.
  8. Not at all. Ressources go directly into the tables, not the chests.
  9. No, the pipe won't try to insert a new ore type if there's already another one.
  10. Why would you do that when the strong point of a redpower logistic system is that it won't output items if they have no valid destination? Anyway, regarding OP's question, the most compact solution is to use logistic pipes with - quicksort module on your input chest - item sink module on your input chest, defined as default route - item sink module on the macerators with relevant ores - extractor module on the macerators
  11. Nay, it's normal for a minecraft server to do that. Java is fat, it will hog all the RAM you give it. It only starts garbage collection once it reaches the maximum memory you allocated. Unless you have some sever lags, it's all normal.
  12. Yup, I would expressely recommend keeping a stock of those inside your base, near your bed, with the tesla coil set up to not kill people inside the base. You know, so you can still access your base if you die.
  13. Redstone energy conduit. The loss is not distance-based, so yeah.
  14. There is no player identification with industrial tesla coils. However, you can put in an item filter programmed to kill every player who is not wearing a very specific item (like, I don't know, a brown wool microblock). This item will now be your very own private key.
  15. What you're trying to do is feasible, except for Gregtech. Did you try to activate redpower automatic item ID assignation?
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