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Mining Turtle Question Please Help


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I have created a program for my mining turtle that makes a tunnel and places a torch every 8 blocks, alerting me when it runs out of torches. The only problem is I created it on my PC, not in the game. I am trying to upload the program to my mining turtle on a server. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to re-type the whole program ingame?

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Pastebin will only work if HTTP is enabled, if you can access the server files do the following

Place the turtle and use the console

Edit derp

Put anything in the file and save it

run ID

go to the world files, open computer/idnumber and you will see a file called derp

Edit file, paste code, save, derp loaded

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To be a little more clear. When you "label" a computer the game persists it's state. It does this in the <world>/computer folder by the computers id. Us the "id" program to get the id. Each program you write is stored in there as a text file. So for example, if your turtle dies a horrible death by walking into the void you can recover the programs from that directory.

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