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Machines keep turning.


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Just as title states. Not sure why they keep doing it. Everything works in the orientation as I put it down, but if I leave the area or disconnect they change the direction they face. I've noticed this on my BatBoxes, Electric and Induction Furnaces, Extractor, Singularity and Normal Compressors, Recycler, Mass Fabricator, and Geothermal Furnaces. My Rotary Macerators, Chests, switches, signs, and may other things remain just fine. I've removed them many times, and replaced them just to have them move on me again later.

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I had this same problem. I don't believe the machines themselves are rotating, because they all seem to still be functioning properly. It's probably just the textures.

It seems to be an IndustrialCraft v1.115 bug. I downgraded that mod to v1.114 and it disappeared.

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