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[0.6.5]Crucraft 24/7[PvP/PvE/Build][40 slots][Factions][Essentials][Economy][SurvivalGames]


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By the community, for the community - tekkit.crucraft.com - 24/7 uptime - PVP/PVE/Build

Dynamic-factions - Hyperconomy - Chestshop - Essentials - Survival games, mobarena, ctf and spleef - Free plotme creative world! - Multiverse - and more great plugins!

IP: Tekkit.crucraft.com

Teamspeak3: ts.crucraft.com

Have you ever dreamt of server that doesn't lag, has good staff, lots of plugins, no restrictions almost at all and that is completely free? Well then you are lucky!

NOTICE: Dimensional doors and mystcraft have been re-added! Though dimensional doors are a little buggy.


Welcome to Crucraft! We are a community driven by passion to make servers that people enjoy playing on. In our community everyone is welcomed to take part of the community! Our staff is professional (no buying op/admin here!) and dedicated to help you all if you ever have any problems! We have continuous pressure to make the best of the best servers and our community couldn't agree more!

We have years of experience in minecraft server management as we have been hosting servers since the beginning of minecraft and we always try to get our community to take part in our creations and decisions, because no server would ever exist without it's community.

We have also experience of tekkit as we have hosted tekkit classic server for some time, but as tekkit lite got out we decided to move to a modern version of tekkit.

We do not also believe in whitelisting or purchasing building rights. When you join our server you will be able to build either in the creative world or in the survival world! YOu can even just pop by and play some survival games!


  • Player Versus Player (PVP), Raiding, and griefing is allowed on our server

  • Spamming is not allowed on our server. No one wants to be spammed or see spam, so don't spam

  • Do NOT try to blow up the creative world. Blowing it up will get you ip banned

  • No excessive usage of capital letters is allowed, you are allowed to say one word in caps in your message

  • Trolling is allowed to a extent

  • Do not advertise other servers here. The staff of Crucraft doesn't come to your server advertising, so leave our server free of advertisements

  • Do not ask for staff positions or builder perms. Make a application on our forums at crucraft.com and wait for a staff member to answer it

  • No pushing afk people spawn or in the warp chambers/warp cities

  • No hacks are allowed

  • No mods are allowed that are not present in the current tekkit build or that the server has implemented itself

  • Do not impersonate staff or other players

  • Staff are the law, they know the rules so follow their guidance

  • If staff is on, leave the moderating to them

  • Use common sense on the server

  • If you catch anyone breaking the rules report it on our website on the right section with some screen shots or a video clip. verbal evidence isn't enough

  • Report rule breakers at crucraft.com


Our server has bukkit support implemented which means that our server has plugins you all demand; essentials, factions, hyperconomy, PlotMe, SurvivalGames, Mobarena and so on!

Plugins of interest:

  • Essentials
  • Groupmanager (our permissions plugin)
  • PlotMe - Our free creative world!
  • Dynamic-Factions (our own modification of factions, it has everything factions has but it has more stuff and is dynamic. It is developed by our community)
  • Hyperconomy (we are adding tekkit items one by one)
  • Survival Games
  • Citizens2
  • Capture The Flag
  • Mobarena
  • Multiverse (worlds, worlds and even more worlds!)
  • Tekkit customizer (to ban unbalanced tekkit items)

Plugins that are probably to be added:

  • LWC (need to integrate tekkit blocks and items)
  • Dynmap (not sure totally yet)


We know you hate items being banned, but due to prevent people from griefing your homes or faction territory we've had to disable nukes and dynamite. We also have dimensional anchors removed due to the lag of loaded chunks. You can see all the banned items below:

  • Nuke (too op and no one needs that firepower)
  • Dynamite (bypasses protected areas)
  • Sticky dynamite (bypasses protected areas)
  • Dimensional anchors (keeps chunks loaded => lag)
  • Usage of philosophers stone (you are able to craft stuff with it or use it as a crafting table, but to prevent people from changing the spawn areas we needed to disable the usage of it until we get it fixed with a plugin)
  • ender chest (possible bug + other stuff)


As any server owner knows hosting a server isn't cheap. So that's why we have implemented buycraft to make donating easy and safe. You can donate money to help us run this server easily by just going to https://buy.crucraft.com and by either buying VIP, VIP+, items or by purchasing in-game money if you just want to help support our server


Currently VIP costs 10usd only to celebrate our server launch, but the price will get higher later! So buy it now and save money in the long view! We also sell VIP+ for 15usd that even enhances your VIP experience more!

Here is a list of all the benefits you get as a VIP player on our server:

  • Wear hats! (your dream come true if you love teamfortress 2!)
  • Have up to 3 homes set + a home bed! (default can only have 1 home + bed)
  • Get better support!
  • Access to the VIP lounge! (still WIP)
  • Get a blue name! (YAY!)
  • Be able to talk in colour!
  • Buy and sell enchantments through dynamic economy
  • Craft and use Computers
  • Craft and use Mining turtles
  • Craft and use the Mining laser
  • Place TNT
  • Place ITNT
  • Place lava
  • Make nuclear reactors

VIP+ members get these bonuses + all the VIP ones too:

  • All above from VIP
  • Make Crystal Chests
  • Get a green name!
  • Have up to 5 /sethomes and 1 bed
  • Have up to 5 plots in the PlotMe creative world
  • And other cool stuff!

We have more bonuses and surprises to come for donators!


Currently we only have 3 Admins, 1 moderator, 2 modlets and 2 Owners (me and our community leader Rambo). We are always searching for active members that are ready to help the community to become even a grater place! In order to apply for a staff/builder position please head to http://crucraft.com and head to the staff application section. Please use the template when applying.

Staff list as of now:

Owner(s): Suolakeksi (server manager) and Rambo (307th in-game and our community leader)

Admin(s): EquinoxEarth and Cruhid

Modertator(s): Hazard975, Wired2coffee

Modlet(s): TheTrueLMgt, MDalton

Builder(s): none at the moment


First some screenshots of our spawn:

This is a picture of our current spawn pvp arena



The "main spawn hub"


Our Rules-,Information- and staff-board section in the spawn


Our world warps


Our arena world warps


Portal from the Public world that leads you to the spawn hub. This is the place you teleport to when you want to go and build


Our PlotMe creative world, it was just created so it's clean and fresh! It's even free to build in it, but you can olny claim 1 plot. VIPs can instead get 3 plots for themselves


Our survival Games map



Our CTF arena


Our Mobarena


Quakearean (pictures will be added soon!)


So if you want to play on a fun and enjoying server, then please head to tekkit.crucraft.com and join the awesomeness!

Hope you enjoy your visit!

If you have any questions please be free to ask


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BEST SERVER EVER! everyone join!

Thank you, nice to hear you enjoy It :)

Some minor plugins have been fixed and everything has gone good since the launch. It was nice to see that so many people joined and enjoyed tekkit as it should be.

We also host a free teamspeak 3 server so if you want to come and chat with other people in our community you are totally free to do so. Address: ts.crucraft.com

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  • 2 weeks later...

Our server is now supporting better bigger crowds without getting any lag!

We have also now got all the arenas finished, so if you want to come play some survivalgames, ctf, paintball, spleef, mobarena or just pvp please join us and enjoy!

We have also updated our VIP prices to even lower prices and got hyperconomy working with currently a portion of the tekkit items added to it.

The crashing is also now sorted out, apparently a older plugin bugged the server but it is now solved so that is even better!

Come visit us and enjoy of tekkit as is should be enjoyed!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We have updated the server into tekkit lite 0.6.0!

We have also remade the worlds and have started completely from scratch to prevent any bugs/glitches or chunk bugs to appear!

Come and play the latest tekkit lite version with 100% bukkit plugin support!

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Awesome server but just one question. How do i get 0.6.0?

You will need to delete your trchnic launcher and download the new launcher from the renewed technic launcher website. Then you even delete your .techniclauncher folder in % appdata%. Then you open the launcher and select latest build only for tekkit lite.

After that you connect to tekkit.crucraft.com and enjoy the game :)

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It's a bug that the technic team hasn't still fixed, even though i sent them a bug report last weeks Monday no one has even looked into it. But some people have been able to get the powersuit auto installed, but others haven't. I'd think that they would want to keep people playing newer versions, but apparently they won't fix the bug so you might need to install the powersuit mod yourself :/

I can link you the version of power suits that the tekkit lite 0.60 uses if you want.

Did you btw install the newest technic launcher from the new website? The old launcher is a little bugged so you'll need to delete it and install the new version.

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Okay the server is now patched into 0.6.1 , so no missing mods or anything :)

The arenas will soon be linked up again also. I've also made a temporary shop region in the temp spawn if people need to buy vanilla stuff, I'll add tekkit items a little bit later

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