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new reactor designs?


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Anyone got a link with designs for reactors for the new IC2 bits? I can only find old designs. :/

I has max chamber design, looking for one that will make ALOT of power, and can keep running perma because I am to lazy to switch it off and I will prolly blow my house up

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This breeding reactor


And this primary reactor


Get 4 uranium, convert 2 in to cells (uranium + cell), 2 in to 16 depleted (uranium surrounded by cells) then run breeder twice

Now you have 14 cells + 4 deleted

Use 8 cells in the main

By this point you have 28 Mil EU and none of it has to be used to replace parts of the reactor

Keep 2 cells set side at all times for breeding

Both are MK1, aside from changing out cells and using coal dust for depleted and re-enriched it's fire up and forget

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