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0.5.8 Changelog (get it here)


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As I stated on the post, if you know more about any of the items (MFFS/Un-mentioned items) please post if here or there and I will update the main post (will also give credit where credit is due).

On another sidenote, If you test the weather collection machine and it works w/o errors let me know as well.

Also I found an error with NEI, if your main inventory is full and you try to add an item from NEI, client will crash on single player, I havent tried multiplayer yet.

update: updated recipes, new mods info, etc...

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This version of Tekkit Lite includes both Immibis' Advanced Repulsion Systems as well as MFFS. Just stating because someone on that forum did not know.

Having both installed however, leads to whichever loads last overwriting the recipe for the blank MFFS Card from the other mod. Either a recipe managing mod/plugin needs to be used to to add a new recipe to allow them to be craftable or, an op will have to spawn the cards for the players.

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