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Ad-Hoc play on the go


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Hey guys,

a friend and me tried to get tekkit lite working over an ad-hoc connection to play on the go.

(Using the serverfiles or just hosting with minecraft internal lan mode)

This means we don't have internet to get proper names and the server blocks one of us due to the name.

Is there a workaround for this ?

We both own the game but we don't have access to the net while on the go.

PS. don't even post here if you come with the "go and buy the game" shit, we already did, thanks.

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Solution #1: You'd need a less-than-legal launcher for this, coupled with Online Mode being disabled in Multiplayer Settings. And since there's no cracked Technic Launchers which work with Tekkit Lite, you'd need to get Tekkit Lite's mods into a normal Minecraft installation.

Solution #2: Log in before you disconnect from the internet, and leave Tekkit running in the background. If you have Optifine installed, you can limit the framerate to 5 FPS to minimize resource usage.

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