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RedPower lamps and fixtures


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I've been looking into new ways to light my houses, and I've found Lamps, Caged Lamps, and Fixtures. They're really neat, but they seem to be buggy, the fixtures in particular.

I have several Fixtures in my house on my SMP server, and my friend has many in his as well. They are all Inverted Fixtures to cut down on wiring, but some of them just refuse to work properly. One room in my friend's house occasionally gets dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn, and several places in my house the lighting levels on the debug menu show that several of mine do not work at all.

Is anyone else having this problem? I've tried breaking and replacing the Inverted Fixtures to no avail. The fixtures in question are also multiple colors.

It does not seem to be a problem with caged lamps or the regular square block lamps.

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So then it's a problem with Minecraft and not Redpower?

The only other time I've noticed lighting not updating properly is in a Mystcraft age with constant lightning strikes. If the lightning causes a fire, even on one block of grass, the light from that fire will stay until I disconnect and reconnect.

I haven't tested it with glowstone blocks or the vanilla redstone lamps.

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