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In Line Filters/Retrievers....how??? [Solved]

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wiki says they can be used in line, ie not connected to a chest but to 2 pipes..

i cannot figure out how exactly this is done and its giving me a headache.

The wiki is lacking important information which are mainly screenshots and a clear description on exactly how to use them inline

Would someone please upload a few screenshots on how such a setup may work?

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Don't have a screenshot, but input is the large hole and output is the small one.

As long as it gets redstone signals it will output, but it need the input to be sent to it. Unlike when it's connected to a chest and sucks the item(s) out of the chest by itself.

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Using filters etc inline is pretty easy, you just have to remember that the items when pushed into the tube network will go to the first valid destination, so you can end up with everything going into 1 filter and not going to any of the others if you aren't careful :P also inline filters don't need a redstone pulse to output their items, what goes in goes straight out...

This is my RP2 quarry sorter example which I use inline filters to sort the junk like dirt/cobble from the ores/goodies


it's a bit big so I won't embed it, so clicky clicky!

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