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Help: how to switch off a redstone signal


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You could use a redpower AND gate. If you leave the lever on, when your temperature monitor sends a signal to the AND gate, it will output redstone. If you turn the lever off, it won't.

You'll need to enable only 2 sides - the lever side, and the monitor side. This should be possible in the menu opened by right-clicking it.

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i recommend using a (link->) computer to do this

computers allow you to code the most complex redstone circuits into the one block, saving space :D

use this code:

print("redstone node activated!")

while true do

local input="front"

local output="back" --change these to whatever sides you need, these redefine the string values for the sides to make it easier to code in

local rsout=rs.setOutput --i have just redefined the name of a function for easier coding

if rs.getInput(input) then --checks to see if there is a redstone signal from input side


sleep(0.1) --small sleeps prevents lag and also prevents too long without yielding error which is caused by infinite loops with no breaks

elseif not rs.getInput(input) then





code tested, this is just a one way inverter, which from your description fits the bill of requirements

if you need any help with the code, or need it changed let me know :D

you can create the file for the code ingame using "edit <programname>" (no <>)

then press ctrl then press enter on [save] then press ctrl again and use the arrows to change to [exit]

before creating the program you may want to use "label set <comp name>"

why? because when you move and place your computer without a label, it reassignes to a new comp ID, first Comp in the level starts with ID 0

to find the id use "id"

then, in windows 7 go to start, type %appdata%

then navigate to .techniclauncher/tekkit/saves/<worldname>/<compID>

open the program you created in notepad

then copy and paste the code from above into the file and save, then type in the name of the program, i suggest setting the name of the program to startup, anything else and it wont start next time you load your level

we both know just how dangerous a reactor can be unattended ;) we don't want that, so use "edit startup" when you go to create the program

then come back ingame and use either "startup" or "reboot" and the program will start auto

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It's a nice solution, but I can't use computercraft on this map, beacuse the guy who asked me to make it doesn't want (I don't know why, maybe server issues). So i have to do the circuit using only gates and redpower. lol

Thanks anyway :)

EDIT: NOR gate does not works. I need something like this.


I just need something (a gate or other stuff) that can "break" the CABLE 2 when i push a lever, so the input from the temp monitor will only activate an alarm, without switching off the reactor.

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I think NAND is actually more what you are looking for, if I understand correctly you want the thermal monitor to turn on the alarm and then turn on the automatic shutdown via the wireless transmitter, and then you want a lever to be able to turn the automatic shutdown off but leave the alarm intact, if i'm right in that then yeah you need a NAND gate in a configuration like this;

One input is from the thermal monitor, the other is from a lever, and the last one is from a redstone torch to keep that input always on, this screenshot is when the thermal monitor is activated but the lever is not (output remains on)


Then this one, you turn the lever on and the output will go off


Is that what you are looking for?

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For this, the AND and NAND gate should work almost exactly the same - the only difference being the NAND gate stops the redstone when the lever is on, and the AND gate stops it when the lever is off. Just do whichever one suits you best, because it should make very little difference.

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