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Fallout Style Tekkit Lite Map [Help Needed] [Whitelist]


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Hi I'm death40467 and i own a newly purchased 42 slot server and i am attempting to construct a Fallout style map. Id like some help to construct a fallout vault map which may eventually be released to the public. This will most likely turn into a survival map which can be played on servers hosted by me or other moderators.

Tekkit Lite Version- Recommended build 0.5.7


Plugins-World Edit

Skype is required or some form of voice communication

You must also have played either Fallout New Vegas Or Fallout 3 preferably both

No More Space People Team is Maxed Out

-The Team-

Builders-Space Robbie1560,Argh266,GreekOverdose


Terrain Editors-TheLaziestLegend,Roboblox


Project Manager/General Managment-Death40467


General Team Members-_Zagrom_,Reallynewperson,Josiah8799

-What Needs To Be Done-

Fallout style Buildings-0%

Wasteland Terrain-5%

Wasteland Technology-5%

Custom Texture pack???-Maybe

Custom Mods-Gun mods When needed

Whitelist Application Template

IGN-[in Game Name]


Country[Not optional]- Preferably UK < Just for timezones i have no problem with other nationality's>

Preferred Role-

Got Any Fallout Knowledge?-

Why you want to join in-

Please Read Before Posting

If you do not follow the template you will not be accepted. Also if anyone has any texture pack designing experience send an application and please contact me through my Skype-death40467

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Country-United States[Pennsylvania]

Preferred Role-I don't really care just wanna help.

Got Any Fallout Knowledge?-Idk what fallout mean.

Why you want to join in-I wanna join because that i'm looking to help a server out.

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Preferred Role-Terrain Editor

Got Any Fallout Knowledge?- I play and own both Fallout 3/ New Vegas, and have touched into Fallout 1 for the Computer.

Why you want to join in- I enjoy building up environments with world edit or even by hand. I have worked on some smaller scale servers and would love the chance for a larger scale build

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Server is up and your all added lets go people.




FALLOUT KNOWLEDGE:i have played both fallout 3 and new vegas

WHY I WANT TO JOIN:im looking for a nice tekkit lite server where i can build and show my knowledge of fallout

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IGN - GreekOverdose

Age - 19

Country - UK

Preferred Role- Builder

Got Any Fallout Knowledge? - I have finished Fallout 3 a few times and have quite a few hours playtime logged on New Vegas

Why you want to join in - Fallout is a brilliant game and it would be a lot of fun to try and replicate it on Minecraft.

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